Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas holiday. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents and attended the Candle Light Service at their church.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch together as well.  We stayed the night and woke to a wonderful ham breakfast.  We got to have Christmas dinner with Dave's parents.  Aaron enjoyed opening his gifts and stocking.  I got a couple fun gifts too. 

Dave and I got new luggage for the family-a couple of these great duffels.

These amazing boots

I put some of Dave's favorite candies in his stocking, soft socks and a basketball book he wanted. 
In my stocking I added these soft socks.

This hat

Aaron's stocking had some of his favorite candies in it plus 

Pug Stuffy-We follow Doug the Pug on Instagram and he has his own toy line now. 

And here was what is on my preteen's Christmas list.

Tech deck swimming pool

Brooklyn Banks Tech deck set

Tech Deck snowboard

Plus something to play

Something to read

Something to wear

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