Friday, April 28, 2017

April Highlights

The crew has made major progress on the house remodel we are doing right now.  Three more weeks and everything should be put back together. 

A wonderful trip to Seattle to an EFT Externship.  My friend Tanya and I had a great time learning and enjoying walks and food around Seattle.

Easter with the family

New running shoes

I can snowboard again and we got up to ride several times this month.

Lots of scooter parks
We found a new park called Reedville that the boys love so we made several trips out there too.

Aaron is having a great lacrosse season and really enjoyed his recent tournament. 

I wrapped up my spring class and have a little break before summer break starts.  Looking forward to lots of yoga classes and runs with my little Curry. They are having a fun challenge at yoga right now for attending class that gets me motivated to get on my mat.

I really enjoyed these books too.

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