About Me

The Author: Here I am-Shannon, and I'm attempting to live on the sunny side of life in rainy Sherwood Oregon. I love the mild climate here as it's perfect for long runs, great hikes and bike riding. When it gets really rainy it means it's time to get up to the mountain and snowboard. I don't feel like my day is started until I've gotten my workout. I love parties, dressing up, Boston Terriers and traveling but mostly I love Jesus.  I feel so blessed to have parents who taught their children about God's love. I also feel blessed to have gotten to attend George Fox University and earn a degree in social work.  I'm back there again working towards a master's in counseling.

The Characters: David-running coach and loving partner of 20 years, 16 years married, 24-year-old stepdaughter- Ashely, 21-year-old stepson-Austin 
and our 10-year-old son -Aaron

The Setting: An 80-year-old Portland Style home situated in a little town outside Portland.

The Plot: Raising a very busy little boy and the adventures we with him.

The Twist: Trying to live a life of balance-except when it comes to running-the next goal? a 50 miler:)

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