Our Love Story

I was two, throwing rocks by the river in Oregon City. Dave was 10 and lived right up the road. He moved to Reno shortly after and I moved to Colorado. We moved back to Portland when I was 11 and he moved back when he was 21. Our paths would cross but not for a while. They crossed for keeps in the fall of 1997. I had known David from working at a health club where he was a member. Several years earlier his family and he would come in and I would watch his adorable kiddos 1 and 3 in the the kids club. To sum up, I moved to Colorado for a bit, moved back and he was now available. We both were hesitant about a relationship as we had just ended serious ones. However, that fall he commented on my Halloween cheerleading outfit being "cute" and the flirting began. Around Christmas he said that when I turned 21 he would have to take me out for a drink. I just about fainted with excitement. Later that night, I found him in the hot tub and said, "You know, I have um.. an id... and we could get that drink sooner. He said, "How about tonight?, When do you get off?" I said, "10, so I'll run home and change and meet you back here at 11." I flew home and shared all this with my sis who tried to do something with my hair and outfit. I met Dave back at the club and finally got to ride in his gorgeous car that all of us at the club admired. The red, convertible BMW was waiting right by the club and finally I got to be inside it!  Dave drove us to a friend's bar. I don't remember much about it because I was too excited to take much in. He put his hand on my leg and let it linger. Eeekkkk. There was a line somewhere in the night about watching his bungee jumping video from his New Zealand trip back at his place. How could I resist?

We say that our relationship really started a couple weeks later-on New Years Eve. I knew I wanted to be exclusive with Dave at first glance but he was a little tentative. On New Years Eve or New Years Day-right around 12-1998 we decided to be exclusive. We had a little break in there that summer but it was a hiccup in what have been the best 20 years of my life. Twenty years of birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases and New Year's Eves, Halloweens and vacations. All the celebrations and heartaches of life we've shared. We're best friends, sharing many of the same interests: motorcycling, snowboarding, snorkeling, travel and working on our cool, old house.  I'm so very blessed.